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July 1, 2024

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September 1, 2024

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October 15, 2024

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November 10, 2024

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November 10, 2024

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December 17-21, 2024

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As computer systems, communication networks and artificial intelligence (AI) undergo rapid development, accompanied by increasing complexity, the expectations of users for trust, security, and privacy have grown considerably. This presents a significant challenge, as traditional security technologies and measures may struggle to meet the evolving demands within open, dynamic, heterogeneous, mobile, wireless, and distributed computing environments. Consequently, the imperative is to construct systems and networks that enable users to access more comprehensive services while concurrently upholding trust, security, and privacy. In response to this challenge, trusted computing and communications have emerged as pivotal and innovative technologies, capturing the heightened interest of researchers. These advancements offer promising solutions to address the intricate demands of contemporary computing landscapes.

The IEEE TrustCom-2024 (23rd IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications) is a forum for presenting leading works on trusted computing, communications, networking and machine learning, with regard to trust, security, privacy, reliability, dependability, survivability, availability, and fault tolerance aspects of computer systems and networks, as well as AI.

The 23rd IEEE TrustCom continues the tradition of successful IEEE TrustCom conferences held from 2002 to 2023 across Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. It will feature sessions of regular presentations, workshops, tutorials and keynote speeches. TrustCom-2024 will be hosted in Sanya, China. Sanya, a picturesque coastal city, offers an ideal setting for the conference and provides opportunities for exploration, including visits to renowned sites such as Tianya Haijiao, Wuzhizhou Coral Island, and the beaches of Yalong Bay.

Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers to TrustCom-2024. Accepted papers will be submitted for possible inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore's scope and quality requirements. The authors of selected best papers will be invited post conference to extend their contributions for special issues of prestigious journals to be planned in conjunction with the conference.


Track 1: Trust Track
• Trust semantics, metrics and models
• Trusted computing platform
• Trusted network computing
• Trusted operating systems
• Trusted software and applications
• Trust in social networks
• Trust in e-commerce and e-government
• Trust in mobile and wireless communications
• Risk and reputation management
• Survivable computer systems/networks
• Trust in 5G networks
• Miscellaneous trust issues in Cyber Security
• System reverse engineering
• Watermarking and security
• Cryptanalysis and security solutions

Track 2: Security Track
• Network and cyber security
• Computer security
• Database security
• Web applications security
• Security policy, model and architecture
• Security in social networks
• Security in parallel and distributed systems
• Security in mobile and wireless communications
• Security in cloud/pervasive computing
• Authentication, authorization and accounting
• Security of 5G Networks
• Miscellaneous security issues
• Steganography and steganalysis
• Security-aware facial recognition

Track3: Privacy Track
• Privacy in web-based applications and services
• Privacy in database systems
• Privacy in parallel and distributed systems
• Privacy in cloud/pervasive computing
• Privacy in mobile and wireless communications
• Privacy in e-commerce and e-government
• Privacy in network deployment and management
• Privacy and trust
• Privacy and security
• Privacy and anonymity
• Privacy preservation in 5G
• Miscellaneous privacy issues
• Privacy-preserving biometrics

Track 4: Forensics and Analytics Track
• Anti-forensics and analytics
• Big data forensics
• CCTV forensics
• Cloud forensics
• Computational forensics
• Cyber-physical system forensics
• Datamining for forensics
• Fingerprint forensics
• Image forensics
• Malware forensics
• Mobile app forensics (e.g. Skype, WeChat and Facebook)
• Mobile device forensics
• Multimedia forensics
• Network forensics

Track 5: Emerging Tech Track
• Emerging hardware security
• Emerging security problems and solutions in edge/fog computing
• Emerging paradigms of deep learning in security
• Emerging applications of reinforcement learning for securing networks
• Emerging secure mechanisms for service delivery models
• Emerging quantum safe cryptography for 5G
• Emerging techniques in intelligent transportation systems
• Emerging network attacks & anomalies detection and prevention
• Emerging approaches to cybersecurity
• Emerging techniques in identity management
• Emerging approaches of smart contract and distributed ledger
• Emerging blockchain techniques

Track 6: AI Trust Track
• Robustness and safety of machine learning
• Attacks on AI models
• Non-discrimination and fairness of AI
• Transparency and explainability of AI
• Auditability and accountability of AI
• Privacy preservation of AI
• Data truth discovery
• Trust framework for AI model generation and usage
• Trusted computing platform for big data learning
• Adversarial learning
• Trustworthy data fusion


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